Rats Vs Squirrels (War in Finsbury Park)

from by Giant Paw

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Rats vs Squirrels

Well it started, as these things often do,
Neighbours squabbling over a piece of land
But it soon escalated from a local dispute
Became totally out of hand
Two sets of furry faces
Furiously facing off
Over an overfilled bin
Prepared to fight tooth and claw
For the treasures held within

The Rats had discovered it whilst foraging
In the still of the previous night
But when they returned they were
Set upon by Squirrels
In the dawn's cold light
When the Squirrels' propaganda machine kicked in
As it always does in this sort of situation
The rights and wrongs
And whys and wherefores
Flew out of the window
In favour of image manipulation

The Rats and Squirrels have gone to war
In Finsbury Park
In Finsbury Park
The Rats and Squirrels have gone to war
In Finsbury Park
In Finsbury Park

It didn't take long for the word to spread
Through all the woodland folk
Opinions became quite polarised
(Though some thought it all a joke)
The rats were slow to cotton on
Believing they had right on their side
And surely natural justice would prevail
But then they heard the cries...

Rats are stupid
Rats live in drains
There's millions of them
They'll eat your babies
Rats are vicious
They all look the same
Rats spread disease
No one is safe

The Rats had traditionally kept themselves to themselves
And this had spread ignorance and fear
As all the animals gradually
Fell in line with the Squirrels
The outcome became
Depressingly clear

And I will overlook your war crimes
As they way you nibble those nuts is so cute
And I'll forgive all your atrocities
Because I love your big fluffy tails
And I'll ignore the wholesale slaughter
Because I love the way you hop through the grass
And I will hold you as a hero
As you've destroyed the menace at last

(Now your my saviour)


from WABI​-​SABI, released May 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Giant Paw London, UK

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